Why & How to Wear Rock Revival Jeans

There are many different designer brands out there, yet luxury denim can be one of the most difficult things to find. Why? Finding a brand that provides the style and fit you seek is what makes shopping for jeans a challenge. Luckily, Rock Revival produces denim designed to fit the way jeans should.

Men and women wear the high-end jeans created by Rock Revival not only because their sizes run exactly as stated on each pair, but because of their edgier style. The brand is especially recognized for its upside down fleur de lis signs on the back pockets. Starting off on the West Coast, Rock Revival has made its way into stores all over the world.

How to Don Rock Revival Jeans

For men and women purchasing Rock Revival jeans, finding tops and accessories to pair them with is very easy. Due to their edgy rock n’ roll style, they can be worn with something as simple as a t-shirt or even something classier such as a button-up or blouse. Accessories will only add to the fashionable ensemble.

If you ever see ads, magazines or images online of people wearing Rock Revival jeans, you may notice that many men and women pair them with tees, leather jackets, tattered tops, and other edgy pieces. Women often wear the skinny or boot cut styles along with their favorite heels, while men tend to wear the boot cut or straight legs with their favorite pair of boots.

How to Wear Rock Revival JeansThe Rock Revival brand is all about living for yourself, being rebellious with your style, and representing freedom. They encourage their buyers to express themselves through fashion just as rock music does. They want to inspire individuality.

Finding the Right Size

As you try on Rock Revival jeans, you might notice that they feel a little snug. Consumers do not suggest purchasing the next size up. After wearing and washing the denim, they will stretch the slightest bit which will ultimately make them perfectly comfortable for everyday wear.

Make sure that you try on the jeans prior to purchasing them. Find the wash, size and style that look and feel best on you. It is also recommended that you wear your favorite pair of shoes when you try on Rock Revival jeans. This will give you a better idea of the appropriate cut and length to purchase.

How to Wash Rock Revival Denim

When you go to wash your jeans, turn them inside out. This will prevent the upscale denim from fading and bleeding. For those who have Rock Revival denim in their closets, they haven’t had many issues with fading, but suggest turning them inside out to further preserve the quality of the wash and color of the jeans.

Rock Revival jeans are made to fit while offering aesthetic that stands out from the rest of high-end denim available. Everything from the wash to the stitching is made with meticulous hands. The jeans are high quality and will last through the years of wear to ahead.


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