What to do when your dog will not eat ?

Your dog will not eat? Who wins the battle between his whim and your insistence?

Tips for when the dog will not eat

Many times we noticed that our dog will not eat and why you have to guess. In some cases, when we teach our dog to try other foods that are not accustomed to eating, they wait until the end to see if we give something more to their liking. At other times they are sick, and definitely not receive any food and only take liquid. Whatever the reason, we must pay attention and see the reason for his lack of appetite.

PetsThe comparison is almost like when we find a naughty child who will not eat, but can not express why. Therefore, the animal often comes to have a similar behavior and kicks his way, causing a situation quite upset where the owner and the animal squeezes refuses. Sometimes we succumb to that request, satisfying the dog without realizing that this practice is precisely that causes her attitude.

What to do when your dog will not eat

  • What we have to understand is that this is the award for an act which, in essence, is not correct. That is, their attitude is not wisely thought: does it because he knows he will react as he wants and give you what you want.
  • You have to get them used to eating what they should and not what they want. Often the love we lose objectivity and succumb to their whims. We must be firm in our teaching and show them to eat what we give him.
  • If the dog continues to refuse to eat, you may be sick. As to us it takes away hunger when we have stomach pain, sometimes dogs do not eat because they are not well physically. In this case, we should not force him and see if this attitude persists for long. If so, should be consulted with our vet.

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