Traditions and Symbols of Halloween


Pumpkin Although a Halloween party without this vegetable is inconceivable, squash is not a proper symbol of primitive Halloween or Samhain celebrating the Celtic peoples of Europe. Irish emigrants found the pumpkin to come as settlers to America. To know the origin of this symbolic fruit of the night of witches and their use as terrifying lamp, you have to know the legend of Jack or Jack-o-lantern. We also show different templates to cut squash, so you ambient flawlessly realistic Halloween party at your house, which in American homes called “decorate Halloween”. Today, on the night of Halloween American children dress up and go from house to house with a candle inserted in a previously emptied pumpkin. When the doors of the houses these scream “open trick or treat “, to mean they will spend a joke who do not give them a kind of bonus, candy or money.

HalloweenTrick or Treat:

Children and those who are not so much disguise, while between them compete to see which is the most horrible of all disguise, and go from house to house giving the famous ultimatum “trick or treat”. Know the origin and meaning of this famous phrase, certainly the favorite of children on Halloween night.

Candy (sweets):

Sweets of Halloween Another deeply rooted in Halloween is to order and eat sweets. Apparently the tradition started in Europe in the ninth century when, on 2nd November (All Souls, Day of All Souls), Christians went from village to village begging for “soul cakes” that were pieces sweet bread. The more “soul cakes” received more promised to pray for the peace of the dead relatives of those who gave them such alms. Over time this custom was merging with the Halloween party to become another typical feature of the celebration you LCES most significant night of Halloween :

  • Black and Orange Boo Cups (boo cups black and orange)
  • Creepy Crawlers (espeluznates Flatterers)
  • Mini Pumpkin Patch Cakes (Mini cakes pumpkin pieces)
  • Nutty Ghosts (Ghosts nut)
  • Critter Cakes Spider (spider bug cakes)
  • Spooky Snack Hands (Manos snack)
  • Frightful Sweets (candy awful)
  • Shortbread “Fingers” (Mantecado finger)
  • Sugar Cookie Ghosts (Ghosts of sugar cookie)
  • Gingerbread Jack-O \\\ ‘- Lanterns (lanterns puff jack)

Halloween night:

An old legend the old witches were meeting twice during the year: 30 April and 31 October. Satan performed the call and they went mounted on broomsticks, as set lore to share spells and wisdom in those macabre black parties, called covens.

Night of Witches Today Halloween is recognized by all satanists, occultists and devil worshipers as the eve of the new year for witchcraft. For many, it is the night of witchcraft and satanic powers are at their highest level of development. It is logical therefore that their rites have been mixed with the current celebration of Halloween, to the point that Halloween is also called “the Night of Witches” (the night of witches)

The word “witch” in English, “witch” derives from the old Saxon word “wicca, or” wise. “And it was thought that witches, being possessed of magic, also had the highest wisdom.

Witches are worshiping deities of nature and have vivid charms or symbols by which they draw their dark powers. They invoke the malevolent spirits to enter the bodies of his talismans. Some have dogs, owls, snakes and pigs as symbols of their power, but the most common is the cat talisman.

In these black beliefs, broom stick is a symbol upon which the witch rides and jumps male phallus.

Black cats:

If the cat was considered a symbol of divinity with the Egyptians, Celts, however, developed a particular fear of this mythical animal, because they thought that black cats was feline way some demonic power had become a person, ie cats were blasted people

In the legend, the goddess Celtic Wicca becomes a black cat to commit incest with her brother, Lucifer.

It is said that the body of the black cat is just the disguise using the same witches to quietly walk around the city, to go unnoticed. Therefore, one of the traditions of Halloween warns that if a black cat crosses in front of you tonight the bad luck will fall hopelessly over your head. Without remedy? No, there is an antidote, when you pass it immediately gives seven steps back and curse averted!

Halloween Games:

The kids have fun in many ways Halloween, so terrifying night; Some of the options you have are:

Search spirits, the boys go to the cemetery or just at home, lock themselves in their rooms and play groups pronouncing things, to call the spirits of the dead.
Celebrations in a house partying celebrate it at home with all sorts of distractions, in which parents and grandparents who have older children can participate terrifying legends.
House of terror, or “house of horrors”; in this case, small enter a house of terror created by parents for their children to have fun with your friends, hanging monsters, mannequins, things that jump you, filthy plastic viscera and sometimes the idea that apart from that you take a good scare, juntes points and you take a prize (toys or sweets).

Other symbols of Halloween:

  • Owl: Symbol of darkness. Sorcerers use sound of this animal to scare according to them, the powers of darkness. They have his image as a good luck charm.
  • Toad: It was one of the plagues sent by God on the Egyptian people, because they considered sacred and worshiped.
  • Vampires: At the time of the Druids demons were represented by this figure. Then you know all the mythology of Dracula.
  • Cats: It was a deity in ancient pagan cultures, witchcraft is used for all sorts of satanic practices; She was worshiped in the city of Ephesus in the Christian era.
  • Masks: These are false faces or faces that show it really is not a person used it jesters to the kings of Rome laugh.
  • Half moon and the stars used in occult practices, witchcraft, magic and symbols adopted by the “new era” according to them we are in the era of “Aquarius” (astrology, belief in the stars).
  • Crystal Balls: Used by astrologers and new age, also have similar practices where crystals, pyramids, pendulums as they used to bring good luck or positive magnetism and hypnotism produce.

Biting the apple:

Apparently “biting the apple” it has always been the symbol of good fortune The first person to bite an apple would be the first to marry the following year. Peeling apple would be a guessing throughout his life would be. Macabre, Scotland apples are put on the doors and whoever touched or pulled on the night of witches was destined to die the next year.

Bonfire Bonfires:

On the night of October 31 the Druids erected a huge bonfire new year (for them the new year, new life, increased his powers happened the night of Samhain). They are burning animals, bonfires and humans as sacrifices to their sun god and Samhain, the god of death. During this diabolical ceremony the people wore costumes made of animal heads and skins. Then practiced divination, jumped over the flames or running through them, they danced and sang. All this was done to scare away evil spirits.

Coagulated blood masks and grotesque costumes serve to see themselves as evil spirits, and so deceive the spirits that day enter the world of the living and to avoid being hurt by them.

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