Toys must pack when traveling with children

Choose the mode of transportation you choose, my children are restless and often bored as the trip it is a bit long. To deal with it I usually wear an array of toys along with a wealth of ideas and patience to make traveling a pleasant experience for everyone.

When packed have to be aware that not always the favorite toys of our kids are best suited for travel, so we have to help them choose what to wear. The most important thing when selecting toys that are with us is that they are safe for children toys.

ToysToys without small parts

One of the basic rules of my family is that toys with small parts are left at home. When the smallest of my sons calls me because he can not bring his favorite toy floor convince him to leave home saying it ensures that you will not lose. If that argument does not work (half the time) so convinced of it by telling him to leave his toy caretaker of the house, to which he agrees delighted. This for young children work very well.

It is best to take fewer parts and toys with small parts that no paths because it is easy to get lost, which can give us some problems with our children.

Interactive toys

I usually avoid using the tablet or electronic devices while traveling with children because I prefer to reserve battery in case an unforeseen arises . So I tend to pack some interactive games like pop-up books with activities and puzzles for kids. There are many books of this kind and some are made with soft, so everything is glued to the book to prevent parts of the toy are lost when used materials.

Other toys that children enjoy a lot during my trips are dolls storytelling. These dolls allow the child to interact with them to develop stories and conversations that can keep them entertained for a long time. Note that these toys are better for trips where you use your own vehicle to move, because they are noisy and can disturb other travelers if you opt for other means of transport.

Toys edgeless

Other important issues to consider when packing is that toys have no sharp edges or corners. In this way we ensure that children do not hurt themselves playing, or if they have decided to travel by plane, do not inadvertently hurt other passengers at a time of play.

Travel games

A wide range of board games with versions trip. If your children are a little older you can opt for this alternative entertainment for the trip. Choose games that are appropriate for their age. The advantage of these special table games travel is coming into practical and smaller than normal packaging, so they take up less space, which comes to packing is very important.

The most important thing when it comes to amuse our children on a trip is to ensure that toys are safe to use them and for those around us. To entertain our children, it is best to engage with them and make the game a part of the family trip. Thus the trip will go faster for everyone and will be a moment of relaxation over the holidays.

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