This would be the classic ThinkPad that Lenovo would manufacture now

It seems that 2015 is a year that arouses nostalgia among some designers. Lenovo specifically one we are eager to put this product in the past, with current technology, without forgetting details that made ​​a ThinkPad brand as something so close and special.

LaptopIn the world of computers there are few brands as recognizable as ThinkPad, originally created by IBM in 1992, he has been living successful product generations until today. Lenovo took the brand and was responsible for making it modern, respecting the philosophy and core design, but some things were lost, and I’m sure some fans would love to relive that.

The head of the house, David Hill, designer has used company networks to teach his taste for a ThinkPad with details of the past. Share a design does not mean that you can become a real product, but at least it’s a way to pay tribute to the legacy left them IBM.

Keyboard lights and colorful past

As David points in other industries has been found possible to bring iconic designs of the past, and turn them into successful products of today. We talked about what we liked to relive another era and survived the passage of time, we talk about retro.

We can find details of a classic ThinkPad keyboard as seven rows between which no missing the navigation keys, dedicated volume or the recognizable blue enter key on the right side.

We also have the famous red pointer on the keyboard, TrackPoint known as the ThinkLight light forgotten – doubly – or panoramic screen proportions (think 16:9).

Finally, we see the ThinkPad logo appears with the original color with a fingerprint sensor to him. I understand that it must be so, but I prefer the current design in white, less flashy.

That said, now is a concept, and there is no guarantee that you intend to turn into something real. There seems to be difficult to create it from a database as the Lenovo X300, which keeps a rather classic look. David Hill argues that it is necessary a strong demand for something like this could make sense in the catalog of Lenovo.

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