The Pros and Cons of a Career in Car Sales

A career in car sales can be both challenging and rewarding for the right type of person. And if you love cars, you’re charismatic, and nothing pleases you more than meeting new people and helping them go home with the perfect product, then working in car sales should be right up your alley. However, if all you’ve got are dollar signs in your eyes, you might want to take the time to carefully consider what you stand to gain from such a profession, as well as the potential drawbacks inherent to a sales job. Here are some pros and cons to consider before you plan your career in car sales.

Career in Car Sales

1. No college education required. One of the biggest benefits of starting a career in car sales is that you can begin right out of high school, without taking on tons of student loan debt just to get a decent job and prepare for a lifelong career. Although you can always consider a degree in sales to bolster your career, it is not required for hire in most car sales positions.

  1. Earnings based on merit. How many jobs can offer you a base salary, benefits, and the potential to bring in an annual six-figure income within the first few years depending on your ability to make sales? Not too many. If you are confident in your ability to close the deal with customers, this is one profession where you stand to earn a lot more than your beginning salary.
  2. Career advancement opportunities. You might decide that you enjoy car sales and that you want to stick with your original job throughout the course of your career. But you could also plan a course that moves you into management and even owning your own dealership in time.

1. Self-discipline. Although you will receive training and direction from the dealership that hires you, a lot of your job will require you to be a self-starter. You’ll find yourself working alone quite a bit and you’ll have to approach and interact with prospective clients on your own, so time management skills and self-discipline are musts.

  1. Most car dealerships have monthly and yearly sales goals, at the very least, and many require their sales staff to meet certain quotas. Naturally, it’s in your best interest sell as many cars as possible to earn a larger commission. But you need to be aware of quotas since they could affect your job status, in addition to your earnings, should you fail to meet them.
  2. You’re not the only person interested inauto sales, nor will you be working for the only dealership in town (or in your local auto mall). On both scores you could face some career challenges. First and foremost, you’ll have to prepare to face competition in the hiring process, as well as competing against other sales associates at your dealership. But you also have to think long and hard about the car manufacturer and dealership you want to work for, since your ability to make sales and earn a living could depend on the appeal of the cars you’re selling and the reputation of your dealership. Nabbing a career selling cars might not be as easy as submitting an application onĀ, but it can be worthwhile when you’re prepared for all the pros and cons.

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