The five foods that should not miss in your bag this summer

No, do not be afraid, we are not thinking that turn your bag in a cooler. With the recommendations of the nutritionist and author of you are your medicine, we have developed a short list of foods that you will not miss any staple in your travels. Your energy needs and vitamin and water will also be covered during your trips to the mountains and your days of beach and pool.

BeautyNotes and do not forget to bring:

1. Banana

If you have decided not to sit and eat a first main course, or perhaps you can not find in the tourist to visit, with this food not lack the energy to face the day. Rich in carbohydrates and sugars, gives you immediate energy. Its high rate of potassium prevents dehydration because it regulates water levels in the body. It is also useful in regulating the change of times, because their melatonin content is right for it.

2. Seeds Sunflower

It is a food very appreciated by the high rate of vitamin E having. A quarter cup gives you almost the recommended daily amount. Vitamin E protects us when we travel, because it is a powerful antibacterial and antiviral and strengthens our immune system. It is also an effective antioxidant, enemy number one of the famous and free radicals responsible for aging. Also we must be taken into account if we are exposed to solar radiation.

3. Linseed

One of the superfoods fashion, essential to regulate the intestinal transit, which, as we know, undergoes many changes to travel. You can carry in your bag and add juice to a smoothie and a salad. Their contributions of Omega 3 will also serve to compensate for any shortage in fish consumption. Ah! Some studies highlight its aphrodisiac properties. So, ideal for holidays.

4. Carrot

For its hardness and strength, will endure in your bag cold and heat. It’s a safe bet to fight hunger and thirst and also contributes to your daily vegetable needs. Obvious to say that the carotene content makes it essential for protection against sunlight.

5. Water

The you must never forget, especially excursions and sunbathing. It helps prevent dehydration and fight constipation.

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