Jurassic World In The New Collection Of Lego Toys

On June 12 released in theaters the fourth installment of the legendary saga of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World. The reviews are very good. I still have not seen but I want to go soon to check it out. I’ll go with George when he sees the trailer tells me! see if you can then sleep, The three previous installments liked me a lot and that if you see them now you laugh at the special effects used. Imagine with the new release. It must be very cool. For fans of dinosaurs LEGO comes with a collection inspired by the film. Then I will explain.

ToysLEGO has been totally inspired by the movie. It is composed of six sets specifically aimed at children aged between 6 and 12 years who want to explore their most adventurous and fearless side because who has not wanted to see and experience the dinosaurs in their natural habitat? I certainly yes. It is also true that from a distance. If the dinosaurs not see me nor would happen Rex.

The six sets of LEGO are very complete and follow the plot of the film. The first is about hunting Pteranodom where a helicopter Jurassic One is used to help rescue the soldier in camouflage who has been caught by the dinosaur. The third and fourth deal with the Raptor and T-rex capture need not to hurt anyone. And the fifth is about the new dinosaur movie, Rex Indominus genetically from other dinosaurs that leaks must be captured and modified. Super packs are complete and have plenty of game modes.

In addition to the adventure park is complete, LEGO, in collaboration with Warner Bros, has designed a video game film, Jurassic LEGO World, which will be available in stores at the same time as the release of the film. In it we can play with all the dinosaurs in the film, and help players in this fantastic adventure. Have you seen the movie?

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