How to polish the car

Beauty employs, but the results are worth it. If you want to give a good shine to your car, you should wash and wax it by following these tips.

Guide to brighten Your Car

With great attention to detail, and always respect the environment with the water bucket and rag in hand, you’ve washed your car and you’ve made ​​wonders. You left dry in the shade, and took away any remaining particles with a soft cloth. It is the ideal time to wax and give it all the brightness , applying the tricks that will explain in this note.

AutoFirst steps to polish the car

To brighten your car should I wax it while the body is well cool. To do this, you must not leave the shade under an hour, without running the engine on this timeout. Now, prepare your items: special wax for bodies and a soft cotton cloth, clean and do not leave lint.

Apply wax sectors: first the roof, then the hood, trunk lid, the doors one by one; you can give the order you choose, the important thing is that we go by sector. Take care not to mess with wax gums, crystals and optical.

How to apply wax to polish your car

The wax will be our ally to brighten the car. Apply the product on the body chosen sector, spread evenly over the surface in a circular motion in one direction, and let it sit until the wax to see something whitish.

Then take the second clean cloth and begins pulling over, slowly and with small circular movements. If the cloth is pasted, use another sector of the genre or a new clean cloth. Repeat this operation with each of the sectors of the car body, while the wax sit for too long.

Upon removal, make small but vigorous circles to go polishing the body and give it shine . If you believed it necessary, you can repeat the procedure once more, but not more than that, it could be a wax layer too thick, which makes it easier ambient dirt trapped there instead of her away.

How to maximize the brightness of the car

A secret to add shine to your car is just polish the paint after washing. This eliminates trapped dirt and some surface defects. Then, go to the body with a chamois to remove any loose dust, and apply the wax to leave it on and explained the procedure.

Thus, the wax will highlight the flat and smooth paint, that is: your car will be much brighter than you had imagined.

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