How to Measure a Man for Clothing

When it comes to buying clothes for men, sizing can be a little more complicated than their female counterparts. Walking into a clothing store to buy a new shirt can be a bit frustrating if you don’t know your neck size, and knowing whether you’re an M, L or XL just won’t cut it when you’re looking for nice pair of trousers or a dress shirt. Although you can often get a quick measurement from a store clerk, it’s easier to just know what you’re looking for, and even more important if you’re shopping for clothing online where there are no handy shop assistants to provide you with a measuring tape and some advice. With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you determine your measurements for clothes.

How to Measure a Man for Clothing

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Measuring Your Chest

When you buy tailored jackets or dress shirts, you’ll notice that the sizes will have numbers such as 38R or 42L. This number comes from your chest measurement, and you won’t just be able to pick a size such as L or XL with this type of clothing. Measuring your chest is quite simple, as you just wrap the tape measure under your armpits and around the fullest part of your chest. It should be quite snug but not tight enough to restrict breathing. The letter that you’ll see in the measurements corresponds to your height, with between 5’7” and 6” being Regular (R) and between 6’1” and 6’3” being Long (L). Knowing your chest size means that next time you buy clothing from online stores such as Big and Tall Men’s Stores, there’ll be no need to guess which size shirt to buy.

Neck Size

It’s important to know your neck size so that you don’t strangle yourself with a tight collar, and also so that you can comfortably button a collar up if you’re wearing a tie. In order to measure your neck, you should wrap the tape measure around the lower part of your neck about an inch below your Adam’s Apple, with enough space to fit two finger’s width between the tape and your neck. When you find your measurement, round it up to the next half an inch.


If you’re buying trousers, measuring your waist is important so that they are a good fit. Even if you buy trousers that are a little large and wear a belt, they could look ill-fitting which isn’t a great look for a function or event where you need to dress smartly. To measure your waist, simply wrap the tape measure around your waist at about navel level. Don’t wrap the tape measure too tightly – ideally, there should be enough room to fit a finger in between the tape and your waist. In addition to your waist measurement, trousers also often come in different inseam measurements, which you can find by measuring your inner leg from the lowest part of your crotch to your foot.

Well-fitting clothes always look smartest! To make sure that you always look perfectly dressed, knowing your measurements is important.

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