How to Make Money from a Passion for Fashion

For some people fashion is a hobby, but for others it is their main passion in life. Whereas another person might not really care too much about what they wear or the latest trends at Paris Fashion Week, a fashionista will spend every waking moment thinking about these things. If this sounds like you, it makes sense to try and make some money from your love of fashion. So what are your options?

Blog about Fashion

Blogging is a popular way of capitalising on your interest in fashion. It’s easy to write about things that interest you, so if you love fashion, spend your free time creating interesting posts about the looks you like or the designers you rate highly. It will take time to build a readership, but passion always shines through and the more you enjoy your subject, the more readers you’ll attract. In time, you can monetise your blog with advertising or sponsored content, and eventually it will generate an income.

How to Make Money from a Passion for Fashion

Become a Fashion Journalist

It isn’t easy to get into journalism, but if you love fashion you should try and score a job as a writer on a fashion publication. Most fashion magazines also have websites, and the websites need content too. Try pitching your ideas or sample articles to a publication you like and see if they bite. If they do, you could end up with your dream job: attending top fashion events and writing about them. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Sell Garments Online

Selling fashion online is another way of utilising an interest in all things fashionable. Since you already know the latest trends you are one step ahead of the game. This makes it easier to find the clothing and accessories people want to buy. Opening an online store is less risky since you won’t need to spend much money in order to start the business. Give this a go first and once you have a customer base, you can expand the business.

Open a Bricks and Mortar Fashion Store

Once you have created a successful online store, the next step is to take your fashion know-how into the real world and open a bricks and mortar store. You will need retail store supplies and a suitable store premises, but if you have a love for fashion, it’s perfectly understandable that you will want to see your customer wearing the designs you have sourced.

Design Garments

Do you have a creative flair and the skill to put a garment together? If so perhaps your passion for fashion could be put to good use in the design arena. Lots of fashion designers start off making their own garments at home. If you can sew, try designing and creating your own range of clothing and accessories. It could be an excellent way of generating a part-time income.

It’s perfectly possible to make money out of an interest in fashion, so follow your dream and soon you, too, could be doing a job you love.

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