How To Clean Carpet Auto

Car carpets need a good cleaning every so often. We have some tips to leave them gleaming.

Tips for Auto Clean Carpets

The car mats suffer immense wear. Support our weight with all kinds of shoes, and suffer from constant friction by moving our feet, looking for comfort. Therefore, we must give proper maintenance to be always kept in perfect condition.

AutoUnder carpets cleaning Car

Depending on the make and model of your car, under the carpets you have a closed cubicle various materials, mostly plush. We must keep them in good condition, as are those that assure good fixation to car mats.

At least once a week, remove the rubber mats, bending toward the center to prevent dirt scatter. Quotas and clean the underside of the car carpet vacuuming, scrubbing with the brush vigorously. You can make a deeper cleaning, sprinkle baking soda and leave on at night to suck the morning. This cleaning not only remove stones and other debris that could affect rubber mats Car, also reinvigorate the texture of the interior carpet, leaving it soft and suitable to ensure the rubber, either through its rough texture of the face bottom, or by Velcro strips that you can adhere to universal glue. So they never will slip rugs, endangering your driving technique.

Carpet cleaning rubber auto

After removing the rubber mat in your car, shake it to remove dirt. To clean, simply nothing better than warm water with dish washing detergent concentrate. This will leave them clean and shiny, well-hydrated. After brushing, rinse with hot or warm water and allowed to dry, always hanging them in the shade as the sun and excessive heat can dry drying them and alter them.

After cleaning and drying, check the rubber mat to analyze damage and bad sectors. This not only responds to car an aesthetic issue, but a damaged carpet could be cut, move, settle behind the pedals preventing proper operation; this is potentially a great danger to the driver and the other occupants of the car.

How to repair car rubber mat

If you notice that the rubber mat has a damage , you must repair it immediately. With the completely dry and cold carpet, measuring a piece of sturdy fabric (can be jeans or denim, or similar material) and trims, surpassing the total size of the crack or damage. Apply two component glue or contact cement onto the fabric, in a thin layer and do the same around the broken area of the rubber mat in your car , on the backside. Left to air until the glue has bite but your fingers will not stick, and place the cut fabric, causing some pressure.

This technique is applicable to breaks in the center or at the edges of the carpet where no missing pieces. If there remains missing, you can replace them with pieces of rubber (hot water bags broken or punctured are ideal for this work). Finally, you can take the time to attach Velcro strips (the rough part or hooks) to leave the car carpet thoroughly clean, firm and fixed in place.

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