How to choose running shoes

To choose running shoes, different criteria are taken into account. Gender, type of process, your weight, the frequency of your workouts, the land on which you run and the number of kilometres travelled each week will guide the choice of your running shoes. Be guided by this article to determine the most suitable model for your practice running.

Choosing running shoes based on their morphology is simple. First, know that there are models for your gender. Indeed, women’s shoes are different from men’s shoes just because the feet of women and men do not have the same morphology. Then, because everyone has a different foot shape and size, there are many models of running shoes. When purchasing your pair, choose one size above your usual size to ensure the comfort of your foot. When you run, your feet tend to slip towards the end of the shoe. If it is too tight, you may experience feelings of discomfort during training and catching bulbs. You can find formal as well as informal shoes from reliable brands like Ecco shoe .

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The cushioned running shoe is also important to support your weight and reduce the risk of injury. Be aware that when you run, your body needs to support three to five times your weight, which is why this test is so important. The runners over 60 kg should also pay attention to this criterion when purchasing their shoes woman. Choice of running shoes and type of stride is also important. When buying running shoes, you must also take into account your type of stride. If your foot is kind of suspiration, you run by positioning the feet outward, that is to say, your supports are on the outside of the foot. It is always better to get your shoes from trusted brands like Ecco shoe .

If you do not recognize yourself in these descriptions is that your type of stride is universal and your support are well cantered. Whatever your case, you will find models of shoes adapted to the position of your feet during exercise. Choosing running shoes based on his practice of running. The frequency of your workouts and the number of kilometres are important when choosing your running shoes. If you run occasionally, choose comfortable shoes, stable and with good cushioning. If you drive long distances, cushioning and stability are the two main criteria to be taken into account. For the competition, the lightness of the shoes will be very important.

If you’re used to running on the road, go for cushioned running shoes. For driving on roads, choose a stable model. Finally, if you practice by nature the race, choose trail shoes specifically adapted to rough terrain thanks in particular to their notched soles.

When to change your running shoes? The running shoes adapted to training are more robust and have a longer life than competitive models. It is recommended to change every 1 500 km. Your shoes for their competition will be replaced every 400 km on average. By following these standards, you keep the cushioning properties of dynamism and stability shoes that naturally degrade over kilometres. When you renew your pair of shoes, consider alternate sessions with the old and the new pair to get your foot to change and avoid injury.

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