Google’s autonomous car finally debuts on the roads of California

The day came and as Google as promised, his “nice” autonomous car has come to California highways for the first time, this as part of the next stage of testing this kind of intelligence behind the wheel and with which collect new information which of course can not be obtained under controlled traffic.

AutoGoogle’s autonomous cars have come today to the roads of Mountain View to the surprise of many drivers, but he was not alone, and that inside there was a passenger who was on the lookout for any abnormalities and remember that we are dealing prototypes.

Google did not specify how many cars are on the streets, but we know that it is based prototypes and concept cars Toyota Lexus. Unlike the first prototype showed at the beginning, this new prototype much with steering wheel and pedals to accelerate and brake, that for security reasons it requires the government of California.

It must be remembered that, Google cars have been involved in 11 minor accidents where the car has not been responsible, so the passenger will be within these prototypes while on the road, is only to make decisions in case of emergency.

Each car is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour and today Google has mentioned that reached the figure of 1 million miles of experience, so it’s time to take the next step and improve the system driving.

Paints an autonomous car Google

As part of the release of their cars on the roads, Google has launched a campaign for the community to send designs to give personality to the autonomous car, the contest is exclusively for California residents over 13 years, which is certainly a good way to make noise and to present the project to others.

Each design will be put to the vote and be elected should be in a car for a month, the issue should be around the community and neighborhood where artists develop. The designs will be receiving from 11 July to 30 August in the project website.

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