FDA recommendation of kratom

Kratom is known as an effective herbal tree from a long time ago. In Southeast Asia and pacific islands people first start to using kratom in their regular life. At first they collected kratom for their own purpose. But when they invented the magical herbal effects of kratom in their body they starting to cultivate it. Now in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia kratom is being a cultural element of their people’s life. They chewed or smoke kratom leaf in their leisure time or after taking dessert. But in these countries people starting to use this herbal like an opium products. That’s why in 1943, Thai government declared kratom cultivation act to control kratom cultivation and uses. By this act cultivating, marketing or using kratom publically is not allowed. Only licensed farmer can cultivate this herbal for clinical purpose. They can only use kratom as a medicine and for research.

FDA recommendation of kratom

Kratom leaf contains some elements of alkaloid family.  Mitragynine, mitraphylline and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the main alkaloid elements kratom leaves contain. This element has so many useful effects on our body. The most important effects of kratom are- relief pain, control blood pressure, make someone energetic and refresh from inside. But this amazing herbal has a little opium effect. That’s why there has a big chance to use this herbal as a bad drug. Especially the young generation, who don’t know how to use it, they can misuse kratom leaf and its products. That’s why in southeast Asia kratom is banned for publically use and cultivation.

There is a well known international association named FDA, which recommended any kind of food, drugs or any kind of product in worldwide. FDA recommended kratom as an herbal product. They said that kratom can be used for supplementary and theraptical purpose. They also warned about this herbal product. They suggested avoiding any kind of misuse of kratom products. So there is no forbidness to cultivate or marketing kratom worldwide. Anybody can use these magical herbal to make their life so easy.

In Southeast Asia government should consider about kratom’s good sides and make an act to cultivating and marketing this herbal in a controlled way. They should make a monitoring system to control misuse kratom products. In these countries, Government can make a monitoring cell to monitor kratom cultivation and marketing. They also can inspire people not to misuse this herbal tree.

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