Audi is helping to create a Lunar Rover Lunar XPrize of Google

Audi can be seen by many territories that do not deal directly with street cars, the German company committed to technology and embarks on special projects – in this space case – they give image, but also help to bring fruition ideas, thanks to its resources.

TechnologyWhere you want to be protagonist this time is on the moon, its mission is to lead there rover type vehicle , adapted to the characteristics of the satellite. But he does not own, rather it does support a project of a German group known as Part-Time Scientists.

The support has to do with the Lunar competition X Prize mounted by the foundation that bears the same name, with the sponsorship of the people of Google, and takes up since 2011 . In short what we try is to launch, reaching the moon, operate a small rover on the surface for 500 meters and sending video from there. The prize for the best is 30 million.

As you can see from the pictures, the rover vehicle already has shape and form. What we have to offer Audi technology is driving all four wheels of the house, better known as Quattro, besides the knowledge they have in lighter and stronger materials, and electric motors.

Team Part-Time Scientists are having luck with the partnerships made, the Audi is added the support of Nvidia, and German institutions as the Technical University of Berlin, and the German Aerospace Center.

As route when they state that could get in 2017, later than other competing teams as Astrobotic or Hakuto, they could do it next year.

Now we have spoken on other occasions of automotive companies who are interested in issues of space, the most recent case we have with Nissan, which works closely with NASA in the creation of similar vehicles protagonist of our story.

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