Analysis Mortal Kombat X

Fortunately the fighting genre is among the few that has not undergone casualization we are experiencing in the game for a few years. However, this evil, which only has one goal: money, has managed to develop other techniques to get rich in this varied and rich genre, and thereby combat “poverty” experienced by the industry. Mortal Kombat X is a good example with their DLC’s abusive policy.

The truth is there is not much new to talk about, practically remains the same game Mortal Kombat 9, the same fighting style 2D fighting one against one, equally good, fun and addictive. As news we can highlight the most marked, a new gaming experience where players compete connected with their victories and fights for world supremacy by fighting in the name of one of the five factions posed online game character.

GamesThe graphics of the game takes advantage of next-generation technology, combining a film presentation with a gameplay that lets you choose between three variations for each character fighting, affecting strategy and fighting style of each. Each variant has unique special moves that will choose before each match and not be able to toggle during the game. The aim of this is to create ways to fight each fighter, not bad, but fails to be as interesting and fun novelty as the three types of martial arts, one with a gun, discussed in MK: Deadly Alliance, where It was possible blows and combos by combining the three types of martial arts.

When you think of Mortal Kombat quickly you think Fatality, it is automatic and does not fail. MK X keeps intact its level of violence and gore, again more so excessive that causes laughter arcades. The famous special moves to end our opponents, imaginative and unreal till you only get to lose some role against the great X-Ray and Brutality.

We continue to enjoy a game of comprehensive struggle, whether you enjoy it alone and in its online aspect. Numerous game modes like the challenge of strength, Survivor or The Living Torres mode, which offer challenges which will be updated. The classic history consists of 12 chapters, spiced with enriched sequences so quick time events and of course could not miss the Krypta, where we spend our coins in numerous unlockable, this time with a slightly revamped first person perspective where also we solve puzzles and quick time events.

However we must say that there are details that make, in our case, we continue to prefer Mortal Kombat 9 . Since its successful exit the market have not stopped playing for a moment, almost until the arrival of the MK X, to which we have already spent a few hours. This has served to have the two works of Netherrealm very recent and even odious, it has allowed us to compare very well between the two games. It is often the small details that make the difference.

Both are fun, complete and even MK X introduces an improved graphics and scenarios with contextual actions, heritage Injustice: Gods Among Us, MK 9 visually still looks great and has nothing to envy in this regard.

If we focus on the story mode, the latter has seemed shorter. His most marked online facet and the new system of three variations of struggle are not too significant developments to consider a new benchmark in the series. Not even 25 years have passed between this issue and the previous one and now play with the children of some of the iconic fighters of Mortal Kombat is enough. This is perhaps the most striking feature of MKX, which for the first time can control the daughter of Johnny Cage and company. But these additions do not offset the absence of some mythical figures in a squad consisting of 24 fighters (eight are new characters). A melancholy and disappointment of the advantage they know very well their creators to blow DLC.

If we talk about the fatalities, these are wasting imagination and creativity, however we have appreciated some carelessness in the system from damage. The X-Ray have seemed a bit repetitive over the previous delivery, saving some specific to certain characters that are very good. In general all seem too (usually the spine and the skull is, the human skeleton can be broken by most sites) In this respect MK 9 offering a wider variety of injuries and fractures. So does the damage to the body of the characters during the fighting. In the previous game you could see open wounds, bruises and torn skin hanging on the body of the fighters. Now the damage of the fighters have been limited to a red spot on the body, a sort of “tomatada”. It may be that for many minor details but in a Mortal Kombat , where violence is a sure sign of the saga, these things, that passion for details is something that pleases and ignores them when it shows.

We also missed the Tag mode. This method allowed us to play with our two favorite fighters, alternating between them in combat against two opponents selected by our rival. An unexplained absence and a shame, as it helped us refine and train our skills and strokes doubled !. The player vs player mode twice exciting thanks to this method became. It is always good to know to control two characters with depth.

Mortal Kombat X is, by far, the best fighting game of the new generation. We were not looking to make a comparison, however, from our point of view offers no real news to justify your purchase, especially if you’re still enjoying the previous installment. It is a game that guarantees many hours and spades with the command but left us feeling that unfortunately expected. Take advantage of the pull and the good reception given to his previous release camouflaging with a insufficient developments. If we add all those little details discussed above, which together have, and bad host that enters your body when you contemplate the business that are mounted some video games, because frankly, we prefer to keep playing Mortal Kombat 9.

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