A superfast laser wants us to feel how it is to play a hologram

Holograms are not new technology. Today certainly more than one occasion we have seen a demo with mirror systems. There is still much to do with them because their use is somewhat limited by existing technology but while many focus on how to make them look better, others think a new dimension touch them.

TechnologyCan you play a hologram? It seems a very philosophical question, but a group of researchers from Digital Nature Group found a way to use lasers, cameras and mirrors in conjunction to create holograms of light compounds of voxels (volume pixel). The feel, they explain, is somewhat curious.

Thanks to its speed and not burn us

To make a hologram may be touch have been used femtosecond lasers. A femtosecond is one second least ten to fifteen (0.000000000000001) second part where the hard power between 30 and 270 femtoseconds making holograms can bump. The resolution of these images is 200,000 points per second and the voxels generated to shape the object is achieved with plasma emitted by air created with lasers mentioned above.

Those who have tried it say that the feel is similar to sandpaper. Others speak of a feeling like the electric shocks that we get when static electricity in touch. It is not the first time this technology is used but the first where the plasma is achieved not burn the person who touches it.

The hologram is created using femtosecond lasers through a spatial light modulator where the beam continues through a series of lenses and controlled with a scanner which is responsible for placing the mirror at the right places. A chamber beneath the hologram is responsible for capturing the interaction and provide a response hologram.

Generating plasma in the air so fast lasers can be very useful for researchers of physics and optics so that in future they can develop more efficient and higher resolution systems. So far they have already achieved, as you can see in the picture, something very small to the human eye but at the same time is an interesting without being able to create dangerous step.

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