9 Tips To Save and Not Go Crazy Black Friday

The weekend after Thanksgiving, an estimated 44% of Americans go shopping or seek bids on the computer. Although a lower number than last year, still represents 102 million consumers between 60% he had not even begun to shop two weeks ago, according to the latest survey on holidays of Consumer Reports.

The survey confirms that the Black Friday itself and the following Saturday and Sunday, though they are devoted to shopping days are not what they used to be attractive. In the last five years, the percentage of people who said they planned to shop on Friday, Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving has declined slightly but gradually, according to the results of our survey.

Black FridayOnline marketers are not those who are suffering; They are more shops stone and brick. Last year during the last weekend of Thanksgiving, 45% of respondents said they planned to buy in a store; This year, that figure dropped to 37%. In contrast, 23% of consumers expected to shop online during the weekend, as happened in last year.

We do not have an explanation for the decline in purchases in stores this holiday weekend, but a theory. Perhaps it can be attributed, at least in part, to the fact that the phenomenal sales are so common now that they no longer cause any surprise. Give some thought to what motivates shoppers on Black Friday. There is a sense of urgency for a limited number of incredible bargains if you get up very early or stay up late. Everything revolves around a limited window of opportunity. When the big sales are continuous, the sense of urgency is lost.

Among those who plan to buy on Black Friday, they say they plan to fill their carts mainly electronic (video games, mostly), clothing, toys and gift cards. Anticipate a large increase in purchases of readers of digital books or e-books like the Kindle and Nook, and TVs, but not any of the devices before. Consumers yearn for televisions with Internet connectivity and 3D capability.

According to our poll, half of Americans believe that the offers in the shops are as good as that they find online. But young buyers between 18 and 34 years, rely more on the Internet is the source of the best bargains.

No matter where and what to buy, here are some points to consider:

  • When a sale ends, another begins: No doubt you will find some amazing bargains on Black Friday. Many vendors have business festivities for 40% of its annual sales, so all sales and deals are common. But are they really so compelling to justify these opportunities handle the traffic, long lines and crowds? As noted earlier, the competition for your money is intense today. Retailers have been offering special sales day after day, week after week, tempting him with offers like “buy one, the second item is free” discounts of 25 and 50 less than its total, gifts and other bonuses order to make the follow cash register ringing. So what’s the rush?
  • Not always worth going out uncovered: We have seen a lot of promotions that promise things like $ 200 laptops since early October. Black Friday has become famous as a paradise for bargain hunters because retailers offer some of those items at prices below cost to lure. Special these are generally offered in limited quantities; Forget receive an extension to buy at that price later. If you are keen on hunting, do so. But not even try unless you are willing to wait in line, sometimes for hours before they open the store, and prepare to be disappointed. There are no guarantees.
  • Find the most attractive special advance: There are many Web sites that obtain and publish notices early bird deals for Black Friday. These sites often have circular and coupons that can be downloaded. You can also find out which products come with cash and sellers that offer free shipping.
  • Try to find it cheaper online: If you see a great deal on a circular visit a site comparing prices online to see if you can get it cheaper from a vendor reputation. You may also want to try Amazon, as our readership surveys cited Amazon as a good seller of home appliances, electronics and books.
  • Do not forget the coupon: When making purchases online click the register page, often you will see a box to enter a coupon or promotion code. These codes can be underused source of unexpected savings from free shipping or expedited delivery at no extra cost, to additional savings of up to 25%. Black Friday ads often provide access to the codes.
  • Subscribe to notices of e-mail: When you do at your favorite stores, you will get all kinds of announcements of future exclusive promotions and coupons are not available for everyone. Buyers also will find out if the items they want are in stock and available. In addition, many retailers will allow you to buy the item online and pick it up at the nearest store. More and more retailers include coupons codes, often in fine print on their websites too.
  • Ask price guarantee: If you want to maximize your savings, ask if the retailer offers a guaranteed low price that ensures a refund of the difference between the new price and what you paid, if the item lower price or if you find the same thing cheaper somewhere side. Between 7 and 15 days is the norm for most price adjustments. Also note that most price policies applied to draw the price marked by a “local” competitor, not websites.
  • Carefully examine policies to return the goods: The general policy for most products in large stores is 90 days, but can be even shorter for electronics. And there are many products like software that can not be returned if the seal is broken. In addition, you may be subject to a restocking fee or renewal of stocks, on some items, around 15%, if it returns an opened package. Some vendors extend the repayment period for purchases of holidays, but the right not to accept anything without receipt or gift are reserved, particularly if the item was paid in cash. Even if the store accepts the return of an item without a receipt, you will probably receive only a gift card or store credit. And also receive the equivalent of the lowest price at which the item is sold, not necessarily what you paid for it. You will also need your receipt for warranty service.
  • Click to be notified if the price drops: There are more and more sites that can help buyers to track the history of the price of items they want to buy and receive alerts when the price.

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