8 tips sleep baby and children to return to classes

July holidays are almost over – fun, fatigue, homesickness, a whirlwind of feelings involved this time.

We left the routine in general to enjoy the time with our children, is a trip or even daily routine, a wake or sleep a little later than normal, brothers sleeping in the same room, naps poorly made, so … A hot mess. Here at home was no different, but gradually get back to our routine.

BabyBelow are some tips to make this moment a pleasant and peaceful transition:

Tip 1: Back gradually the daily routine of children from awakening, naps and feeding time, all without panic.

Tip 2: Wake the babies and the children in school or habitual daily schedule for babies who stay at home only.

Tip 3: 15minutes in advance bedtime if the baby and / or child are sleeping later than usual, make the transition 3-5 days before classes return, so when arriving on Sunday they’ll be asleep on schedule Normal without difficulty.

Tip 4: For babies that make more than a single nap in the day, try to do a good nap at home and the other during the ride.

Tip 5: Sleeping ritual should be reinstated or appropriate for this moment with excitement.

Tip 6: Nice shower, a caring, warm help in this transition phase mainly during sleep.

Tip 7: Before bedtime, avoid games and activities that let babies and / or children very busy, prefer quiet activities such as reading a book, tell stories, no jump, run, scream, to decrease the energy in this time.

Tip 8: Respect the baby’s sleep signals and / or child.

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