4 Ways to Get a Cool, Accessorized Look for Less

Adding accessories to your outfits can give you a more fashionable, pulled together look. Ask any stylist or fashion expert and they will tell you how important accessories are to looking good – enabling you to reinvent the same outfit for different occasions, and get a more complete, interesting look. However, one thing that can be somewhat problematic is that accessories can cost more than actual clothes. You may feel loath to pay more for a bracelet or an evening purse than for a whole dress, or simply not have the budget for these things that don’t really feel like essentials.

Here then, are four ways you can get the fully accessorized look on a budget:

Shop Second Hand

One of the easiest ways to get all kinds of accessories, from brand name bags and sunglasses to antique statement jewellery, is to shop second hand. There are various ways to do this, from going to actual second hand markets and thrift shops to using online auction sites like eBay. A benefit of this is that accessories tend to be designed to last, so even if your brand name pieces are not from the current season, they’ll still look fashionable. It can also be a way to get unique pieces none of your friends will have, and look like a true fashionista!

4 Ways to Get a Cool, Accessorized Look for Less

Cheap Materials

Another way to get accessories that are thrifty as well as cool is to adapt your style to wear cute, throwaway pieces made of things like plastic. This can create a quirky, youthful and fun look, and can cost very little as you can pick up things from accessory stores aimed at teens. Brightly coloured plastic jewellery can also give you a stylish retro look, with a sixties or seventies feel.

Make Your Own

One of the easiest ways to get cheap accessories is of course to make your own! You can easily learn to knit or crochet scarves, hats and other nice pieces, or you can take up jewellery making as a hobby and look at things you can design using inexpensive materials. This can give you something fun to do, and who knows, if you find you have a talent for it you could even end up actually making money by selling your own accessories!

Swap with Friends

If you want to get your accessories for free, rather than at a low cost, then why not organise a fun accessory swapping party with some friends? Accessories are great to swap because it doesn’t matter if you are all different sizes, and almost everyone has a drawer full of old jewellery, sunglasses, scarves and belts that they are bored of! This can be a good way to get yourself some fresh new clothing accessories and try out new styles, without paying anything!

If you are ready for some new accessories, but don’t have much to spend, then these are four ways to get some fun new looks for less!

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